Life and Everyday

It’s not moderated anymore

Whomever is reading this seems to have interest in my life and my musings.  LOL

People who want to cut me down or make it seem like I am not doing justice to myself or my daughter or my family….I am sorry you feel that way.  I have come a long way since some of you first met me or have known me years and years ago.  I am going to speak my mind.  I am going to offer suggestions to those who hurt and those who don’t.  I feel like I have valid things to say.

I want to share what I have learned.  I want others to share with me the same.

I will still protect the identities of those whom I need to.  If you need to speak to me about something I posted here…email me or call me or something.  Don’t go behind my back and tell someone else who heard from someone else..etc.  That is crazy making.  Be honest with me.  Is that asking too much?

*off my soap box now*  Carry on!


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