Life and Everyday

Just another day

Ok, so I am NOT a ninja…but today…I wanted to be one.  Moving so fast today….musta burned lots of calories.  Anxiety is creeping in and I am trying to not pay attention to it to make it worse.

K is still healing from the tonsillectomy.  But this healing process is gonna drive this momma nuts.  Again last night she did not want to take the motrin to help with the throat pain.  She pouted and cried and screeched at me.  I poured the correct amount in her little measuring cup…set it on the table with her sports bottle full of cold water.  Told her to take it when she was done with her stuff cuz I needed sleep.  I went back to bed and lay there….and lay there, and lay there and lay there.  listening.  listening.  listening.  she was crying.  pouting.  calling me all sorts of bad mommy names etc.  i decided to not fight this battle with her.  i feel for her YES.  i totally get pain.  but she had been taking the motrin and tylenol alternately great for the past 3 or 4 days.  and then bam!  last night…..would not “could not” not take it anymore!!  those were her words.  i tried to explain what the medicine would do again.  but that didn’t work.  so i went back to bed and lay there….listening…..i think i dozed….then she comes in and tells me she is mad.  well duh!  i get that.

let’s just say it was a very long night.  very little sleep for both of us.  finally about 7am she reluctantly took it.  in about an hour she was perky again.  holy cows!!!

anyways….running errands, getting more kids motrin and tylenol….dropping stuff off where it needed to be dropped.  then getting K over to the sitter so I could get to my first class of this term.  Ethics.  great start.  LOL  oxymoron of the day i think. in terms of relation of all that happened in the past 24 hours.

anyways…..made it through the day.  tomorrow gonna try to hit the YMCA in the morning.  K is willing to go to the kid’s place in there and hang while I workout some.  She wants to swim….not until her 14 days are up. (that is next week).  little pout on her part, but she understands.  going to the chiro in the afternoon before taking her back to the sitter for my next class…personality theory.  another good one for this week.

i can’t wait til this holiday week is over.  too much going on.  too much driving.  back and forth to Iowa in the past 2 weeks.  way too much gas money spent.  i have $35 left to my name tonight.  luckily tomorrow is payday.  but then comes the bills.  half of it is already gone.  i am still job hunting too.  i don’t know how to add that into my already busy schedule.  but i need to earn some money to help get these bills paid.

the merry go round continues.   wish i was more inspired, but i’m not.  oh well.


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