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Self Confidence Ideas

I have trying to figure out ways to build my self-confidence with dealing with all the “we are looking at other applicants at this time” turn downs for jobs I have applied for.  So here are a few ideas.

For the rest of today, stand, sit, and walk like the most self-confident person you know. Notice the moments when you feel foolish or embarrassed about projecting charisma. Those are the times when you have forgotten who you are. Persist for a few more days and you’ll discover that confident body language is a self-reinforcing cycle. As your physical bearing becomes more aligned with your real self, other people will begin noticing you more. Don’t let this affect your new behavior (in other words, don’t revert to slumping). Ultimately, you must become confident enough to drop your pose of unimportance for good.

When You Get to the Brink…Keep Going  Find a border zone in your life and step beyond it as if you had no doubt.  Take a dip in the sea of adventure washes away more of the layers encrusting your charisma. Find your littoral moment, drop your doubts on the shore, and walk into the waves.

Focus Outward   Focus on any person or crowd, with friendly curiosity, and your charismatic energy will touch every individual. Why? People pay attention to people who are paying attention to them.

Take Space and Make Space  Project unbounded awareness of others while setting rock-solid boundaries. You’ll find that some bold actions feel more right than others, that life calls you to dive past specific borders, that particular people and groups genuinely respond to your attention, and that you have your own way of administering cheerful chomps. The purpose of exploring these general elements of charisma is to find your unique style.

(ideas taken from Martha Beck, but I tried to apply them to my life)

This 4th of July holiday will be interesting.  K and I will head back to my hometown to support my brother who is running for county sheriff.  Not sure if we will both be in the parade or not.  But being around all those folks who had negative attitudes toward me or have doubted me for most of my life, I need to muster up the confidence and project this confident me.  I know where I have been and where I am now.  I am doing well and feeling good.  I will let you know how it turns out.

Happy 4th of July!!


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