Life and Everyday

The Day After…

Little crispy around the edges…..after a day in the parade for my brother.  He’s running for sheriff in the county where I grew up.  So K and I went and were in the parade with him and other family and friends.  It was soooo hot!!  An hour in a parade…I forgot how long/hot it would be during the 4th celebration.  LOL

He’s K…pitchin it for Jerry.  LOL

She is feeling so much better now.  I am glad the tonsil thing is done.  She is still healing but so much better than last week at this time.  She had such a long couple days lately, she is passed out on the couch now.  Well, for the past hour anyways.  I tried to wake her up to see if she wanted something to eat….no go.  Oh well.  I hope she doesn’t get up at 5am tomorrow morning.  LOL

The 4th was rather uneventful other than my sister getting her tail feathers in a wad, which isn’t unusual these days from what I have been hearing.  One of her kids asked me why they weren’t invited to ride on the float…..I told her to ask her mom or Jerry or Grandma.  That is not for me to say.  Plus I don’t want to get in the middle of it.  And THEY wonder why I don’t wanna move back to that area??  LOL  Not gonna do it and I am not even going there with that thought.

Now to get K and me back on schedule and in routine.  If that is possible for the rest of the summer.  I didn’t sign her up for next week at the Y.  I think maybe I should have.  She is feeling so much better and she can start swimming and stuff again next week.  Maybe I will go over tomorrow and ask if she can come next week.  I think she would have more fun than sitting around here watching me do homework and stuff.  I mean I know we can go to the beach and park and stuff….but who’s more fun, other kids or mom?  🙂

Have a great night.  Stay cool cuz I know it’s hot everywhere lately.



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