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100 Free Things to do this Summer

I got this in my email.  I wanted to share with all the other moms out there.  Some really great ideas!!

There is no reason to spend money on a big family vacation when there are so many fun and free activities right where you are!

This summer, discover what is great about the city you live in!

From your own backyard to local nature parks or free days at the movie theater or bowling alley…make your summer one to remember without breaking the bank! To get you started, here are…

In The House

Video Performance Treasure Hunt:

Have a Living Room Sleepover
Make a Fort out of Blankets
Movie Night in Pajamas
Have a Craft Night (Make Nature Journals, a Book BoxPom Poms, or a 2×4 Craft)
Have a Family Board Game Night
Create a Scavenger Hunt around the House
Paint with Watercolors
Have a Reading Party and play a little Bingo:

Learn some Origami
Make Box Cars (sit in them for a movie night)
Make Paper Airplanes and Race Them
Have a Magic Show

Make Potato Stamp Art
Make sock puppets and have a Puppet Show (don’t forget to record it!)
Dress up and have a Tea Party
Melt Crayons on Canvas for Art
Have a Costume Party (use favorite Halloween costumes)
Have a Dance Party in the Living Room
Make homemade musical instruments and have a concert
Make a Parachute out of an Old Umbrella
Make Confetti Fire Crackers

Make Layered Soap
Use some of those 2×4′s laying around and make a family game board:

In the Yard

Have a Backyard Campout in a Tent and Tell Stories
Invite friends over for BBQ Potluck
Stay cool with Water Activities (Run through the Sprinklers,

Have a Water Bottle Water Fight,

Water Balloons, Water Baseball or Kickball, Make a Slip-n-Slide…)
Draw a Bike Path with Sidewalk Chalk and practice staying between the lines
Have a car washing party and get your rides sparkly clean
Decorate Bikes for a Bike Ride or Your Own Parade
Have an Outdoor movie night (In your garage or on an exterior wall with a projector)
Make your own circus with hula hoops (include your pets too)
Create your own Obstacle Course
Plant Flowers or Plant a Garden

At the Park

Play Tennis or Frisbee or Basketball
Learn Frisbee Golf (recently took it up…so fun!)Make Kites and then Fly Them for all to see
Ride Bikes, Scooters, Go Rollerskating, or Skateboarding
Have a Picnic, Read a book, Find animals in the Clouds

Go on a Nature Walk and learn about new plants or insects
Try Ice Blocking or The Driving Range
Play at a new Splash Park

In Town

Attend a Farmer’s Market
Attend Free Movies (check listings)
Go to a Concert in the Park
Watch a Parade
Visit Flea Markets or Yard Sales
Check Bowling Lanes for free events
Go to a Minor League Baseball Game (Look for Free days)

In Nature

Try Geo Cashing
Enjoy Hiking in a New Place
Learn about the Planets and Stars and Go Stargazing
Visit/Tour a Farm
Feed ducks at a pondFind Alphabet Letters in Object for Letter Photo Art

Reserve a spot at a county park and camp overnight

For Others

Do Yard Work for a Neighbor

Take them a meal or treats
Write letters/cards/art and mail them to a loved one
Make a Quilt for a Child in the Hospital

Serve at a local food kitchen or animal shelter
Write Love Notes to Members of Your Family

For Learning

Visit Historical Sites in your area
Visit Museums (check for FREE days)
Visit a National Park (Click HERE to see FREE days)
Visit your Local library (sign up for a reading program)
Visit a Fish Hatchery and Feed the FishTour a Fire Station
Tour a Factory (chocolate is always good) ;)
Visit family members’ grave sites and learn about their lives
Attend an Air-showTour the capital building or the local courthouse
Learn about different countries (photos, books, movies, food, talk to someone who’s been there)

For Play

Make Sidewalk Chalk

Make home made Play dough

Write a Play or a Movie and act it out (or video it)
Visit a new Park/Playground
Have a toy swap (swap your old toys for new ones with friends)
Make paper dolls
Make Shaving Cream Art

Make Bubble Blowers

For Eating

Make homemade ice cream
Try a new recipe
Let kid’s create the menu and serve the adults (teach how to set a table correctly)
Have a manners/courtesy dinner with the kids
Make and Pull Taffy

Make French bread Pizza
Have a Neighborhood Potluck or Traveling Dinner
Don’t forget to Make Healthy Smoothies

Or Make Chocolate Dipped Frozen Bananas
Or Make Healthy Popsicles

What are some of YOUR favorite free things to do in the summer?

{Print a FREE pdf Copy of the List HERE!}


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