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Job Hunting – again!

Yes, on the job hunt still.  I took a little break because I had so many apps and resume’s out there.  Well, I haven’t kept track of how many rejections I have had.  LOL  But have started my search again.  I can only work part time at the moment because of school and being a single mom.  I need to spend time with K too.

The only huge problem I find in looking for jobs in this area….everyone seems to be looking for a degree (BA) and/or certifications.  Well I AM WORKING toward that at Argosy.  But it will take another couple months til I get that finished.  Along with that….I need to find more financial aid.  So been trying to find scholarships and grants.  I don’t qualify for federal loans anymore.  I also think my Pell Grant status is done too.  Guess I have taken too long to get this degree done.  Life is throwing me curve balls, and I have to find alternate plans now.

Going to the county to see about child care assistance today.  They messed up last week and the week before by “forgetting” to forward my stuff from one county to the other.  So that set me back too.  I have some catching up to do now.  I will be taking K with me to class tonight.  Will have to find a bag of goodies for her for nearly 2 hours of class.  Should be interesting.

I hope that Y will be able to take her tomorrow.  They said she is on the waiting list, but I am so hoping that I can take her in.  I have therapy tomorrow at 1.  My good friend will take her tomorrow night while I have class.  Which I am happy about.  I will owe her now.

Sometimes I feel like “when in the world will I catch a break” here.  I struggle.  Financial stuff is driving me nuts.  I hope to have money in my account until the end of the month.  We’ll see.  Paying bills has been a challenge.  I have to make this work.  Prove myself to those that think I can’t make it.

Been praying a lot.  Hope God is hearing me.  Sometimes I feel so alone.



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