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I got these 5 ways to think about guilt by Gary Zukav’s book: Spiritual Partnership: The Journey to Authentic Power.

Guilt comes from a frightened part of your personality.

Guilt impairs your ability to learn from your experiences.

Guilt keeps you from being honest with others and yourself.

The relationship between guilt and forgiveness may surprise you.

You cannot give the gifts that your soul wants you to give while you are feeling guilty.

My thoughts about these five things:
There are some actions that I regret from my past that still move me into fear.  Fear immobilizes me at times.  The fear is actually moving me further way from where I want to be.

There are many time when I think I should have or could have done things differently, spoken more love when I was very upset or used words that were not helpful when speaking to my daughter.  I was speaking out of fear.  I need to remember that when this happens to reframe it, and speak or act out of love.  This will help me feel less guilty after the fact.  My experiences help me to know what to do different next time.

Honesty with myself has been a hard thing a lot of times in my life.  I don’t want to acknowledge that what I may be doing or thinking could cause emotional pain for someone else, but in reality not being honest with myself causes me the pain.  I need to remember that other peoples’ pain is their pain.  I can not take it on as my own.  I can feel empathy, but I don’t need to own theirs.  I can only own my own feelings and pain.

“Guilt is actually a twisted or manipulative way of seeking forgiveness. It is the belief that if you inflict suffering on yourself for your choices, another will forgive you for them. This is belief keeps you in pain because only you can forgive yourself.”  I believe that forgiveness is for me, not the other person.  If I choose to forgive the other person, it releases the pain from me.  It doesn’t make whatever happened right, it just frees me.  Forgiving myself is another ballgame for me.  I have much more trouble forgiving myself.  I haven’t quite figured out how to do this to release my own pain from guilt.  Trying to forgive myself could be the key to relieving some guilt that I have.

I know I have gifts that I need to open up and share with other people.  Guilt from the past keeps me stuck.  I need to let go of my guilt and move onto the things that will help me heal.




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