Life and Everyday

You are MORE!!


This has proven to be a long week….it’s only Thursday.  Many days with tears….but….tonight I finally feel human again.  Or maybe I should say more “normal”.  I have this tendency to worry and worry about stuff.  Lately it’s been financial stuff.

I was laying down yesterday just to veg some while K was playing in her room.  I got a phone call.  I think that all my worries about figuring out how to pay for the rest of my college is about figured out.  Workforce Development Center/Vocational Rehabilitation is going to see how they can help me.  I will need to go in next week and speak to a counselor.  The man I talked to yesterday was the “top dog” of the program.  I explained my situation, etc.  He was more than willing to work with me.

I have always hated being labeled.  Most of my life I have had one label or another.  Depressed.  Generalized Anxiety.  Bi-Polar.  Lonely. Passive-Aggressive. Borderline.  Mentally ill.  I hated them all.  Even the ones not appropriate to type here.  But yesterday was one day I didn’t mind having this “mental illness” label.  I know that I am doing exceptionally well right now.  Even on my down days, they are not as bad as they once had been.  But, with my “disability”, I will be able to finish my degree and move onto making a better life for K and me.  I will probably always have that label.  But it certainly doesn’t DEFINE who I am.  I am so much more than my illness.  So is everyone who has ever been label themselves.  YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE THAN THE LABEL given to you!!!

Life is always throwing curve balls.  Sometimes you just have to change your stance.  Have a little faith.  Trust in God.  Believe in yourself.  Trust your intuition.


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