Life and Everyday

Swimming lessons and busy days

Day 2 of swimming lessons. It’s going pretty well. K has had an attitude that I would like yo send into the second Tuesday of next week. It doesn’t matter what or where we are…the 8 year old ‘tude appears. People have told it’s only going to get worse. I sure hope not. Don’t know if this mom can handle much more ‘ tude!!!
I still haven’t gotten pain mess or rather the celebrex which lessens the pain greatly. Insurance is a dog.  Pre- auth sucks.   I am hoping before the end of the week it will be figured out. I know my pain level does nothing for my tolerance level with K….just makes very difficult to deal period!!!
I went to the eye doc this morning. I’m officially old. Getting bifocals. Gah! I’m getting some neat new glasses with a tad of blunt on them. K will like them.
Mom called last night. She and Tiny got a lot of her school supplies. I am grateful for that. To them.
Therapy appt this afternoon and then class. Long day.


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