Life and Everyday

Swimming and insight

K is at swimming lessons again this morning. I sit and watch or read. Today I took a phone call. There is this job tutoring kindergarten to 3rd grade here in Hastings. I originally wanted just part time….but may go fulltime as that is what is available right now.  It’s during the time K would be in school. 40 hours a week.  Stipend is $484 every 2 weeks. I hope I can do this and get my classes done at Argosy.  I will be doing some checking into that today. I will need to call for the interview tomorrow. There will be training too in August.
God gives us opportunity when we least expect it.
Yesterday I felt overwhelmed again by finances or lack of….didn’t know whet I was going to do once again. But I need to remember to just trust and have faith that things really will work out for K and me.
School starts for K in just a little over a month. Mom helped to get some of her school supplies. I think I will jot her a thank you note.
More later.

Thursday evening.  Forgot to get this posted yesterday.  But news…I had 2 interviews for the Minnesota Reading Corps. They sent all my information to one of the elementary schools here. I will be expecting a call tomorrow or early next week yo get started with my “kids” that I will be tutoring all year. I am really excited. This is going to work great….the stipend wont have to count toward SS. This is considered “national service”. Kind of like work study. They will Aldo help with child care assistance.  I feel blessed. 
Katey did exceptionally well in swimming today. She is learning solo much and excelling too.  Her self esteem is building.
She is registered for dance….just for kix.  She is excited about that too.
Time for some shut eye ……laterzzzzz

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