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What is your parenting flaw?

One again, my new friend Chris Sprad – from has touched on something I have been struggling with a TON lately.  I will copy and paste his blog.



I have hundreds of parenting flaws, but the one that continues to surface in my life is my struggle with showing Team Sprad love.  I love to show them leadership, strength and point them to the future but my kiddos need me to verbally and practically love them.


I will show them love by…


  • loving on them first thing in the morning
  • providing a nutritional breakfast before school
  • choosing love over a verbal reaction
  • simply listening to their entire story
  • serving them irrationally
  • reading “another” book to them before they fall asleep
  • showing them love instead of a “here’s what you did wrong” 3 point sermon
  • respecting their mind and choices
  • valuing their opinion
  • allowing them to choose their own clothes  (modesty rules!)
  • sitting down and playing Lego’s (that’s where I am headed now)
  • turning off my phone and surrendering it
  • letting my kids break the rules
  • forgetting  their mistake
  • lifting them up in front of others
  • including my kiddos in decisions
  • asking them to speak into my parenting
  • avoid using sarcasm (especially with my youngest one)
  • doing what I say I will do
  • keeping my date night promise
  • quality time – (smokey and the bandit re-runs is not quality time)
  • quantity time – (don’t believe the myth, it does matter how much time you spend with them)
  • touching them – (simple but your kids nee this affection from you)
  • letting them plan dinner
  • allowing them to make the choices


Thank you for listening to my rant, but what is your parenting flaw?  What are you struggling with?



Personally….I am strugging with everything related to parenting my K.  She is butting everything I am doing and not doing.  I can’t seem to make this 8 soon to be 9 year old girl listen, reason, help, understand.  When I stop to listen, and try to get on her level, she gets angry.  I have tried listening, being silent to listen to the whole story.  She gets angry.  I have tried the yelling back and telling her how it’s gonna be.  She is soooo angry.  I don’t understand how anything can get past her anger toward me and life.

Being a single parent sucks!!  I hate this.  There is NO back up when there is nothing left for me to do.  Just anger on both our parts.

I don’t have what to do.  I don’t know how to fix it.  I don’t know how tho get her UN-ANGRY.

Suggestions?  Please drop me a line.



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