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Minnesota Reading Corps

I finally am going to be working.  Well, it’s considered a national service, but it’s still working to me.  I was hired with Minnesota Reading Corps yesterday.  Woooohoooo!  I will be working at the same elementary school that my daughter is attending.  Soooo many pluses that come with this.  I am excited.

I am just happy to be earning a bit of money.  Anything to help pay the bills lately.  Also with K’s birthday coming up, I need to start getting stuff ready for that.  Mom won’t be with us on K’s special day.  She is going on a trip with her cousin to Kentucky.  So K will get another party with g’ma and g’pa.  She is excited about that.  LOL

I got her a couple presents today.  I got her a new piggy bank.  She had a huge pink one that she got when she was a baby.  One day while I was at g’ma’s with her, she dropped that pig on the floor…slipped right out of her hands.  She was in sheer terror.  Thought I was going to be so mad.  I was in the shower when this happened and she came into the bathroom and was in tears…….I couldn’t help but giggle after she left thinking, it’s only a pig.  LOL  But to her….it was more than that.  So, here is the new and improved pink piggy I got her today:

Circo® Princess Piggy BankI hope she likes it.  cuz I LOVE it!!!

Tomorrow I take her to the dentist.  Check up time.  Then meet with my new boss to sign some papers and such.  Even get finger printed.

I need to get on finding some daycare for K while I am at class on Monday nights.  Been working on that for a few days now.  Wish I knew more people here.  Soon I will……



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