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Single Momming

Dating a single mom has a category all of it’s own.

While I may not have painted a pretty picture here for single moms, I’m only speaking the truth. But if you decide that this is something you are willing to take on than the benefits truly will outweigh it all.

We are usually pretty independant (come on- we’ve made it through a bad relationship, are taking care of ourselves and a child and are standing proudly on our own two feet). We won’t expect you to take care of us…we’re doing just fine on our own. But we will gladly accept a little help and would love to be treated like a Queen/Princess if you’re offering!

Single moms are mature, strong women. We have been through a lot and have learned to survive on our own, using our own resources through the most difficult of times. We have experienced many ups and downs of relationships and parenthood now being able to take on many different situations of life.

A single mom may not be in such a rush to get into a serious relationship. After having already been hurt in the past she may be hesitant and will want to take things more slowly. She is not as ready to jump into marriage or having kids as much as her single women counterparts may be. We have already been there, done that and we already have a child so we’re not worried about our biological clocks ticking. For the committment phobic guy who is finally ready to settle down, but wants to ease his way into a relationship, this may be the ideal scenario.

Single mothers have a great sense of humor. We spend a lot of time around our children and being silly so we have come to learn the value of laughter. We enjoy life and laughter….and will most likely laugh at your corny jokes.

Single moms appreciate the time spent with adults and the time she gets to spend with kids. Simply having an evening of conversation with another adult is a big deal. She won’t take for granted the time you spend together and everything you do will seem like a romantic gesture.

Single moms are less promiscuous. Many want to set a good example for their child so they will not be bringing random guys home or in and out of their children’s lives. We also don’t have the time to juggle our single mom life and multiple relationships. We’re less likely to be staying out pulling all-nighters every weekend and won’t be having different men spend the night.

A single mom is usually as REAL and easy going as it gets, she will tell you how it is and knows exactly what she wants. Just like I had said before about not wanting a guy who plays games…we won’t do it. We just don’t have the time.

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