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Opinions – A little humor for Wednesday


Opinions.  We all have them.  So today I saw some humor about opinions that I wanted to link up.  I agree with most of them, but that’s my opinion.  LOL

Anyhow–I saw this post over at lala Lists and thought “heck–that’s a great post idea…I should link up” So guess what I am doing?
Linking up.
Perhaps you should do the same. Again, just my opinion…but I think it’s a good one.
1.   Politics should be kept between you and the pencil at the voting booth.
2.   On that same token, I think maybe Peanut and Jose Jalapeno would be good for president.
3.   Boxed macaroni and cheese should be made with 4 tablespoons of butter. None of this “making it healthy” crap. You do realize you are eating noodles covered in cheese no matter which way you look at it right?
4.   People should extend more grace to crying babies in public places. It’s not their fault they pooped their pants. You’d cry too if you had to sit in that while being spoon fed mushy sweet potatoes.
5.   If said baby however cries for more than 45 seconds, remove it from the public place. Stat.
6.   Shoes should be optional. Anywhere. (and flip flops)
7.   TGIF will always be the greatest batch of TV shows. Ever.
8.   Okay and Saved By The Bell.
9.   Toddlers probably shouldn’t drink pop.
10. A glass of wine during the lunch hour should be socially acceptable. During the work week.
11. Girls should try to act more like boys. Only in the whole gossipy/cruel/cliquish way. I repeat, only in that way.
12. Hot peppermint tea and a bubble bath heals all.
14. The whole “frumpy vintage” look is not cute. Unless you were born in 1890 in which case I say, rock it girlfriend.
15. Pinterest causes more anxiety than good.
16. Nintendo will always be better than all of this other hi-tech game stuff.
17.  Painting your own nails is overrated.
18.  Bible studies are good for the soul. And in my case, necessary.
19. Blogs shouldn’t share ALL.
20. Cell phones weren’t invented for 7 year olds.
21. Fashion Bloggers outfits sometimes make me gag. I don’t get it. Weirder is not better.
22. Huge chunks of meat should be outlawed in chili.
23. The Boundary Waters Canoe area in northern Minnesota is the best place ever. (I changed this one, never been to San Diego)
24. Every human should own a dog.
25. All lists should end at a good number. Like 25. Stopping at 24 is just an injustice to the whole list system.
There ya go.  A list of “some” of my opinions.  I changed a couple cuz I wanted to use some of my opinions as well.  HA!!
Take it for what it’s worth…..and that’s probably nothing at all……  *grin*
Have a great Wednesday.  I am off to day 2 of training for Minnesota Reading Corps.  Going to learn interventions today.   Can   I get a Whoop Whoop??!
have  a good one.

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