Life and Everyday

Work, Diet and Kids

These three things don’t mix real well.  Or at least for me they don’t.  Birthday parties….cake and ice cream, work – people bring all sorts of stuff for staff at the school, and kids….well….see birthday parties.  LOL

I have been so trying to get back on my post- op diet routine.  I am over a year out from my surgery and have totally stalled out.  People keep telling me to go back to my doctor or dietitian.  I would but they are in Des Moines, I am in/near Minneapolis and St. Paul now.  Don’t really want to drive 4 hours or so…..I do have a different doc up here but I am just a chicken to ask for more help.  I feel like I have already failed.  I haven’t gained weight back.  I just don’t see the scale moving at all.  It just sucks.


I have been so busy lately… here an there, get ready for birthday parties, training for work, getting ready for benchmarking at work, getting K ready and going and then bathing and to bed.   Oh add 2 college classes onto that list too.  No, I haven’t caught up in those classes yet either.  Though I did make it to class last night.  found a new sitter for K.  she’s a high school kid of one of my co-workers.

so when does stuff slow down?  i need a nap.  i need to do homework.  but my motivation is zero.  well not so much motivation, i just want to sleep at the moment.  ugh.

i want to get back to losing weight and stuff.  thought about seeing if they could do a revision of my surgery…..idk.  something, anything.

ok…off to pick up my girl.  i hope her mood has improved vastly from this morning.  it was an ugly morning around here.


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