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8 weeks til Thanksgiving Mission

Procrastination. This one word could describe most of my existence. I’m convinced I would get nothing accomplished if it weren’t for the very last-minute.

The truth is, I can’t stand this about myself.  I often do what I need to, at JUST the right moment, not leaving any extra in timing.  This just shows complete lack of responsibility in me as an adult. That is what I am…or at least pretend to be. A GROWN-UP.   I have my doubts on a daily basis, though I see the amount of candles on the cake increasing every year. It’s pretty hard to change a habit that has taken 39 years + 3 years’ experience to perfect. In high school and college, I was always that person that was up the night before a final or big project, cramming every last bit of info in that I could before the sun came up. I am still in college and still procrastinating. I am taking two 5-week courses in this term, 2 classes in the next 5-week term and one class in the last 5-week term this semester.  Maybe I thrive on the thrill and excitement of sliding in at the last-minute. Maybe it’s the rush I enjoy. No matter how you look at it, all it reveals about me is that I am an idiot. A hopeless procrastinator that desperately needs to grow-up and start living among the “responsible adults” who actually think past lunch into the near future and come up with a tentative plan. For dinner even. We should start with baby steps.

The entertaining thing about my procrastination is that I have no excuse. I’ve given myself plenty of time to work on time-management skills. In one of my classes this term, we even spent a great amount of time talking about time management.  Even though I wait until the eleventh hour, I am also an eternal list-maker. I make lists for everything…from daily household chores, to errands that need taken care of, to phone calls that I need to return. What do I do with these lists, you ask? Well, that’s simple. I change my mind about what is priority. Dinner plans change. I get started house-cleaning and end up messing up rooms and starting projects that weren’t even on the chore list. The “errand list” gets thrown to the wayside. DISTRACTIONS…and maybe a tad of ADD, but the jury’s still out on that one. Either way, when I end up waiting until the last minute to pay the fines at the library (yes, forgetting to take back my kids’ books), changing my driver’s license from Iowa to Minnesota, complete homework assignments that are due tomorrow, or forget to shave my legs on the last hot day of fall.  The consequences can be quite costly (and somewhat embarrassing). Seriously!  Grow up, lady!

I intend to do just that today—GROW UP.   This year I have officially graduated to a different box on the questionnaire form, the middle-age bracket. Though I am a bit closer to being able to claim “Alzheimer’s” for my forgetfulness, or CRS, my ongoing talent for procrastination is something that should finally be dealt with.

After all, I’m turning over a new leaf today, mainly because “someday” is not a day of the week. It’s time to turn my mountains of To-Dos into bucket lists that are completely attainable. And I don’t want to wait until I’m almost dead to get them accomplished. I want to be able to scratch things off my list daily. I want to learn to be a better manager of the time on this earth. I’m realizing just how quickly that time is slipping right through my fingers. I’m ready to acknowledge that there are a million ways to waste a day, but not even a single way to get one back. When it comes to my future, my daughter, my life–I don’t want to barely make the deadlines with one minute to spare. I want to learn to be wholly present and active in every minute of every day. I want to plan. To be intentional. To be responsible. To live “on purpose”…and not just by the skin of my teeth.

With that said, I have given myself a deadline. “Know the true value of time; snatch, seize, and enjoy every moment of it. No idleness, no delay, no procrastination; never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.”  Earl of Chesterfield.

There are some things I’ve put off for some time (this blog, for example) and I want to tackle these things NOW. A short-term “bucket list”, if you will. I’m calling it my 8 Weeks til Thanksgiving Mission.  I decided to post about it here, so that I can’t turn into a big, fat loser and throw the plan out the window this time. I’m hoping for a bit of accountability and encouragement. As ridiculous as it sounds, I’ll definitely need a few verbal or written “jolts” along the way to help me out and keep me going. I’m relying on YOU. (NO pressure, of course. LOL).

Along the way, over the next 8 weeks, I’ll be sure to post about my progress. I also promise to blog about my crazy kid, some incredibly random situations I’ve gotten myself into recently, and of course, my sarcastic two-cents about EVERYTHING I encounter on a daily basis. I hope you will tag along with me through it all. Kick my butt in gear about the 8 Weeks til Thanksgiving Mission, but more importantly, learn how to laugh and enjoy life right along with me. I’ve already waited until the night before it’s due to write this blog post! (go figure!) The procrastination train stops here. Laziness may pay off right now, but pursuing life on purpose will bring about abundant future rewards. I just know it! Let the journey begin!

8 Weeks til Thanksgiving Mission

1. Do 8 random acts of kindness.
2. Try 8 new recipes.
3. Workout at least 8 times a week (including my daily walking).
4. Write 8 blog posts.
5. Do/visit/eat at/try 8 different places, restaurants, or things to do.
6. Memorize 8 new scripture verses.
7. Do 25-10-25 study technique every day.
8.  Learn to be happy with who I am.


1 thought on “8 weeks til Thanksgiving Mission”

  1. well I am also in the same league as you , in college right now and have given a series of exams studying at the exact before hours, not my best papers I must say, I for one will be definitely looking forward to your progress 🙂
    and in fact I’m en route to create a to do list myself

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