Life and Everyday

another day in paradise…


Wassup?  It’s been quite a busy week here…..long week.  I didn’t think Friday would ever come.  I look like this dude…eyes buggin out.  LOL

I think I have a UTI….I know you all wanted to know that.  So tomorrow first thing is to get over to the clinic.  Then we are going to get K’s hair cut.  Can’t remember what else I need to do.  Forgot to put it on a sticky note.

Got all 15 kiddos in for tutoring today.  Whew.  They love coming and spending their 20 minutes with me.  Listening and teaching them new words.  The smiles when they get all the words correct and really understand what they are reading.  Also the high 5’s for excellent days.  I love being able to “pump” up these kids and give them more confidence in themselves.

I often think back and wonder why I didn’t get the pat’s on the back, they cheering on, etc.  I think if someone could have just taken a bit more interest, I wonder where I could be now.  But I can’t change the past.  I just want to do for these kids, the things that I didn’t get.  I want them to feel good about who they are.  Same with K.

Speaking of….we are going to work on a behavior chart tomorrow.  I got some ideas from my supervisor and another gal I work with.  I think it is something that might work for K.  Will get the results back this next week from the testing for ADD, ADHD, etc.  I hope they can rule out depression and anxiety.  I know that runs in the family big time.  I just hope we can find some answers and some workable solutions for her.  I hate seeing her hurting and not knowing why.  I don’t like the keep reminding her of being polite etc.  She got into some big trouble at school this week.  Unrolled a whole roll of TP….the principal showed me the “wad” of paper this morning.  Wanted to make sure that I am letting her counselor know and all that.  How embarrassing.  Oh well, it’s all being taken care of.  The right people know.  The social worker at school and her teacher and her counselor and me all know.  We are working on it.  That’s what I told her.

Single parenting sucks sometimes.  Not much for adult conversation in this home.  I hate that most days.  No one to bounce ideas off.  No one to take me out for dinner or buy me flowers or love on me.  It’s just hard.   Some day tho.  I know God has a plan.  I keep holding on to that.


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