Life and Everyday

This MAMA still rocks!!! ♥



I tell ya…with all the crap and busy-ness that has been going on, I still passed both my classes with a B!!  ROCK ON!!  My grade point is still high!!  I will still be in honors.  sooo….all I have to say, once again is:  to all those who keep doubting me on what I can and can not do…..%^&$ *(&!!  LOL  This mom has it together!!!


Sad but true…sometimes I really like laughing at those who don’t think that I can’t do anything.  People doubted me that I could handle having K back home with me.  Dealing with her challenging behaviors, starting in a new school, new neighborhood.  Well, yes, it’s been a challenge but you know, I AM DOING IT!!  and working full time and going to school full-time as well.  Don’t anyone tell me I can’t do it!!!  Just because in my past, I really sucked.  I failed and failed but I came back up fighting.  I struggled with depression and anxiety….labeled with bi-polar and general anxiety and PTSD.  Well, yeah, I still deal with those issues…but I am coping much much better and therefore am able to live with myself better.  Which makes living with my daughter a lot better too.

*stepping off my soapbox*

It is such a beautiful season up here.  The trees are about done with their  colors tho.  But the air has been crisp and very nice.  Cool evenings.  I like the window open just a tad….cool air…great sleeping weather.

Today was foggy and drizzly out.  Rainy actually.  But it still was a good day.  I got a batch of apple butter done.  K helped me pour the ingredients in the crock pot.  Helped put the apples in the food processor.  She is a good little cook.  We will make some apple crisp tomorrow.  Or maybe apple dumplings.  Either one will be yummy.  So much for my diet.  I can eat it…just not all of it!!  lol


I managed to get the scale to move this week.  Lost a pound and a half.  Guess all this walking I have been doing is getting it moving again.  I think that I manage to get in about 2 -2 and half miles a day.  I love it.  I wish the Y here had an earlier water aerobics class that I could hit before heading to work.  But the earliest is 7:30am.  I have to be at school by 8.  Won’t work.

So, I will continue to walk.  I have some free weights here at home.  Also some thera-bands.  I need to get moving with them as well.  I can’t wait until December….I will get my new tv.  (I put it on lay-away).  Then I can hook up the Wii and start working out with that.  I can’t wait.  K has been bugging me about getting it hooked up.  She wants to do bowling.  me too.  LOL

Have a great rest of the weekend.


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