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Observerations from my side of the couch

I orignially started this mid-week last week.  Thought because I got up early I would finish it off this morning.  Can’t sleep anyhow.  It’s nearly 5am anyways.

Wednesday afternoon:  Traffic sucks.  Two days in a row…sitting in backed up traffic. Yesterday I was taking K to her therapy appointment. Traffic was stopped because some dude wanted wanted to jump off the bridge after a police chase. I feel for the dude but….dang….we needed to get to K’s appt.  Of course 15 min late.
Now am on my way to my therapy appt and yet another crash/hang up…..gonna be late again. I don’t do late very well.
Yes I am typing this while sitting waiting in traffic. Lol
6 minutes until my appt. Great.  Just heard on the radio…semi roll over. Great!!!

People have way too much anger when driving.  I’m just impatient…not angry. Turn up the radio…KTIS!!!!

Anxiety has been high today. UTIs are horrible.  Going to the doc again tomorrow to get new antibiotics.

And so the traffic decided to move.  Therapy is done.  I picked up K. We are home.  She’s now in bed. I am done writing my paper on the parts of the brain. I think my brain is dead now.  Lol

Will continue tomorrow. (yeah right)


It’s now early Monday morning.  K and I went to my mom’s this weekend.  It was good to get away for awhile, but like K said last night…’s good to be home where we belong.  Aint’ the the truth!!!

So we brought in all the stuff from the car (note: TONS of stuff).  Got just about everything put away…well not put away away but out of the living room.  I got to working on my paper on “the brain” for my class.  Totally forgot I was supposed to volunteer for Church Online at 8pm at!!  oops!!  My brain musta been too involved in the paper!!  It’s done anyway….a day late.  Hopefully my prof won’t notice?  LOL

Onto a few things I have learned this past week:

Driving 2 hours with a 9 year old, wanting to listen to “her” music, over and over and over, will actually drive you nuts!!  So much I can take of “Take A Hint”.  I will post that video at the end.  You can see why.  LOL

Time spent with my mom is amazing.  She is funny and oh so wise (most days).  She can do like 20 things at one time and make it all seem so effortless.  She got a belated birthday party set up in less than 5 hours.  Cake was cool (Hello Kitty,of course).  K had fun opening another couple gifts.  Don’t grandma’s give the coolest gifts?

Trying out spray color on hair is always exciting. (note sarcasm).  It turned my hands pink, K’s face pink, and the comb pink.  Here is the outcome:



She looks fab, I must say!!  Even got a great smile without a dorky tongue sticking out.  LOL







(she’s growing up too fast too)

Sunday’s with family is always an adventure.  Tiny spilled his coffee on the Sunday paper.  He laid it out on the stove to dry.  I was thinking….”OMG…it’s gonna start on fire”, then mom said, it’s a pilot-less stove top”  unlike what we had when I was growing up.  LOL

Went to church at good ol’ Deer Creek Lutheran.  Pastor Lance is a hoot.  His is an amazing pastor.  He is an Army Chaplin also.  Spent time in Iraq and (I think Afghanistan .  Wrote a book about it too.  Meditations from Iraq  

He is so very funny and wise.  Cracks me up when he speaks.

He wore those funny glasses, with big nose, eyebrows and mustache yesterday.  Wind it up and they move.  Giggle giggle and snort!!



My daughter has accumulated so much stuff, I think we need a small UHaul to bring it all back here.  Needless to say, we will be working on her room this week…or rather I, ME, will be.  She says she can’t do it “all by herself”  LOL

So there are a few thoughts from my side.  Enjoy the video of take a hint.  Don’t laugh too hard.  I think it’s a funny but cute song.  Could play it for a few guys I have dated in my lifetime.

♥ Julie



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