Life and Everyday



Another high school boy committed suicide this weekend. This is number two in a week. They were not related however. These boys ran in different circles. Still it’s needless deaths. Suicide is something I had struggled with for years. I know the pain. The want and longing. But still I am here.
Life brings us a new day everyday and if we can just see that, we can try something different to make this day better than the last.  When you are a teen tho, life is immediate and overwhelming if you are not equipped. We as parents need to let our children know how much they are loved and valued,flaws and all. God loves them all the time as well. We need to let them know it’d ok to feel sad and hurt and angry. But we also need to teach them how to deal and cope with these overwhelming feelings.

I guess that is a good thing about working in an elementary school. Things sometimes are more simple. (In that regard) .

There is one thing I want to say to any parent or all parents:   please remember this:  You are a good parent. Do not doubt that for one second. You have given your kids everything and then some. You did nothing wrong. These are actions THEY chose and have NO REFLECTION of how you parent. This is nothing YOU did. You have given them unconditional love from day one and deep down, they know this. You have done a great job raising fantastic kids.


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