Life and Everyday

Halloween Eve

Almost that time….tomorrow will be a busy day for me and K.  They have a fall festival party… Halloween party at school after lunch.  which means my kids I tutor after lunch…well I won’t be tutoring.  I will be partying with the kids  LOL

K is going to be a pink and black fairy.  Gonna spray her hair pink.  Already painted her nails pink and black.  She is gonna look pretty good.  I will take some pics.

I am wearing a Halloween bat shirt that actually glows in the dark.  I have some black yoga pant that I will wear and some Halloween socks.  I am also wearing a white tutu.  lol  I have some funky boot/shoes things, that I will wear too.  I am also going to have pink ponytails.  I will have k take a picture of me  LOL  don’t laugh too hard.

My bones and joints and muscles really don’t like this weather.  Walking tomorrow night for trick and treating will be horrid I bet.  I pray it won’t be.  I still haven’t found a lupus doctor yet.  I hope my family doc will refer me to someone.
I still haven’t called to get my lab results either.  Guess I better get on the horn with this.
Have a great Halloween tomorrow everyone.



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