Life and Everyday

30 Days of Thankfulness

30 Days of Thankfulness.  That is my goal for this month.  I hope I can remember to get here and blog.  I should be finishing my powerpoint for class…but decided to start this.  LOL  Can we say procrastination??

I wanted to share a picture of K and me from last night.  We both had the pink-est hair you can believe.  It was fun at school with all the kiddos asking me what I was….I have no clue what I was exactly.  I just wore stuff that was weird.  LOL  AND pink hair with pig tales.  I feel like I could have been going to a roller derby or something.  This is in the morning.  K was a little more diva-ish at night. I am so thankful for her.  She is my light on a dull day.  But you know, never a dull moment with her.  As much as she drives me nuts some days, I can’t imagine life without her with me.  We are doing good together once again.


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