Life and Everyday

Thankful Day 3


I am so thankful for my place to live.  The people in my building are quiet and nice.  There really isn’t any fear living here.  I can let K go out and not be afraid that someone will nab her.  People who live here watch out for one another.  I like living in Hastings.  Beautiful town.  Beautiful people.

It’s been a regular Saturday here.  My friend Angie’s cancer benefit was today. I wasn’t able to go, but I have hear it was awesome.  My sister had her Crop for the Cure today in Carpenter Ia too.  I got T-Shirts from that too.  Mom still has them, but I can’t wait to see them.  Someday I will get my scrapbooking stuff together and get working again.  Still haven’t gotten K’s baby book done yet. That is how far behind I am.  I need a room just for craft stuff, I think.

Tonight we set clocks back one hour.  One more hour of sleep.  Woohooo.  I hope K sleeps in.  I would  could use another hour.  Don’t know that it will make any difference with her tho.  She is usually up at the same time everyday.  

So anyways….hope your weekend is great.



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