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Day 4 of Thanks


Day 4 of giving Thanks

Today is Sunday.  Got to sleep in a bit.  YAY!!  Thank you K!!!

Today I am very thankful for warm socks.  Funny as that sounds….my feet have been freezing for days.  The mornings start out at 28*F and today got up to just mid 40’s.  I spose that is pretty usual for Minnesota.  And it will only get colder.  I guess I could add, I am thankful for a new winter coat as well.  The amazing thing to me is that I was able to buy a coat that was 3 sizes smaller than I was last year at this time.  That is/was very exciting for me.  Even though I have plateaued some, I know that my size is still smaller than what I was.  I need to up my exercise still.  I need to find a food plan that will work.  Need to figure out how to get K to eat better too.  I think that will help.  I have an appointment with Dr. Sund this week on Friday.  I hope she will have some good ideas for me.

We are watching Madagascar 3…..kinda funny I must say.

Thank you my friends who are reading along still.  It’s great to have so many readers.  Thank you.


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