Life and Everyday

Day 5 of Thanks

Ok…so I missed the exact timing of thanks for (yesterday) Nov 5.  But I was am tired.  This time change, even though we gained an hour, is kicking my butt.  So anyways…..

I am so thankful for the students I work with.  Especially this second grade boy.  He really makes my day every time I work with him.  He is not real confident in his reading but I try to be very excited and encourage him to keep working on it.  We work for about 20  minutes reading a passage.  I see and hear his frustration.  But I keep encouraging him.  He gets this smile on his face.  I know he is “getting it”.  He is reading more word and harder words each day.  This boy reminds me of ME.  Not so confident, a bigger kid than most other second graders, a little shy yet bold because he doesn’t want to be made fun of.

By the time our 20 minutes is over, he is smiling and feeling more confident.  His head is held higher, there is a smile on his face.  He conquered another passage in reading and made a giant effort and got tons of praise and high fives.  This boy is amazing.  I thank God for putting him on my path.  I hope to continue to make a difference in his life.



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