Life and Everyday

Day 7 of Giving Thanks

Yeah, so I am late again.  My lame excuse for not writing this last night:  we had parent/teacher conferences last night.  I totally forgot that because I am working at the school, I needed to be there for the whole thing.  Oh the joy.  It really wasn’t that bad.  Tonight after school should prove to be more interesting.  K’s conferences are at 5:20pm.  I will be working at the Book Fair until 5.  Then be waiting for my turn to see how my kiddo is doing.  A little nervous as I know she has been struggling some.  But I am working on figuring that all out.

Anywho….onto some thankfulness…

I am thankful for the teachers I work with.  The have truly been curious about the Minnesota Reading Corps program.  They are eager for us to work with a struggling student.  The let us ask weird uncommon questions regarding students so that we can work more effectively with them.  Most of these teachers are very accepting of something NEW in the school.  The principal is funny too.  We had an offer to go over to another elementary school here in town to help with an after school program in reading.  She DID NOT want her tutors to go to another school (she said with a laugh).   So now WE have an after school homework group.  It will be starting up just before Thanksgiving.  She is such a riot to talk with.  I am thankful for folks who aren’t always so serious.  They know when they need to be, but they know when to let their hair down and have a little fun.

Blessings, Julie


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