Life and Everyday

Day 9 of Giving Thanks

It’s day nine of giving thanks…..Today I am very thankful for the good days.  And today has been a most excellent day!!  K had a super day too.  Parent/Teacher conferences are done.  The stress level is now lowered….wooohoooo.  I was able to get some work done around the house when I came home after conferences.  I was even able to take a short nap.  It is just amazing when God gives you GREAT days.

K has been in a super mood tonight.  She is looking forward to reading tonight.  Her behaviors have been so good today.  Tomorrow she earned her computer time.  We might even go to a movie (if I can get my paper done  LOL).

It was a beautiful day….in the 50’s.  Weird for November in Minnesota.  But things always change fast.  Chance of snow this weekend.  ahhh the joys.

Today is my friend Robin’s birthday.  She is the one who let me live with her while I was trying to get acclimated to the Cities. I texted her this morning.  It was so funny.  I called her an old fart, her response was that I was a geezer!  lol  She is one crazy gal, but we have always considered each other family.

I am looking forward to seeing my mom soon.  I am missing her.  I think mostly because I have been doing a  bit of shopping for gifts and am trying to find something for her.  My mom deserves so much….there is nothing that I can give that compares to what she has done for me.

Life is good, God is better.



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