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Holiday Hype and other things (and Day 14 of Thanks)


The holiday season is approaching once again.  You will find all sorts of articles and “other things” to help manage the “stress” of the holidays.  Isn’t it ironic that this time of year is designated to bring peace, strengthen your spirit, and enjoy the company of friends and family.  Instead it seems to cause more imbalance, disharmony and stress than any other time of the year.  I suppose I could blame commercialization or the media or anything else that has nothing really to do with me, right?

Well, I was thinking (uh oh) and my holiday stress is totally just me.  It’s what I am thinking or predicting about what this holidays are going to be like.  It’s the choices that I am making about where I am going and who I am spending my time with during these next couple months.  Retail stores and media play into this and raise expectations such as “you have to have this….or bigger that…..or brand new this….etc. etc. etc.”  I have a choice though, whether I will follow the crowd like a sheep or do my own thing.  Sometimes I guess I assume that I will do what is EXPECTED of me.  That is the way it’s always been.  But what if I don’t?  What if I quit doing all the things people EXPECT me to do?  What if I don’t make the cheesy hash brown potatoes?  Or the mountains of cookies and other goodies?  Or my “famous” cheeseball with crackers?  Will the world fall apart?  I don’t think so.  I am sure some people will be upset because I am breaking tradition. hmmmmmm…….  

I love my kid.  But she is one of those kids who wants and wants and wants.  I know she is a good kid.  She likes to help and do things for others, but like any other kid, she doesn’t want to be left out.  Doesn’t want to be the kid who doesn’t get the iPad or iPod or DS3 or whatever else it hot this season.  I want my Thanksgiving and Christmas to be simple this year.  But I don’t think my relatives are going to let me have a more simple time.  But I will!  I am going to limit the amount of time I am on the road visiting.  I will send out my cards and pictures from the year.  I will travel for Thanksgiving to my aunt and uncles….free food!!  and yes, I will make the cheeseball and cheesy hash brown potatoes.  I will go to the Olson Christmas and the Koster Christmas as well.  But I don’t have to spend days at my mom’s this year.  I want to be home….in my own bed….in my own house…..with my own kiddo.

I really do love the holidays.  But this hype is really getting to me.  Expectations are getting to me.  I wonder if I broke ALL expectations, what would happen?  hmmmmmmm

Giving thanks on day 14…….I am thankful for all the kiddos I tutor everyday.  I am losing on guy tomorrow because his family is moving.  But I have also gained another.  I hope that I will be able to impact his life as well.  There are so many smiles and laughter in my office.  There is some struggle but we work through it.  They are getting better.  They are liking to read more and more.  Parents are impressed at how the MRC interventions work.  They tell us that their kids love to spend that extra 20 minutes each day with me and the other tutor.  That just makes my heart smile.  I believe that all kids are good kids.  They all have some good in them.  They all have a space in them that wants to learn and be and do better.  As I write this, I think about my daughter.  She is struggling…not with reading, but life in general.

She is still getting used to being home with me.  She is struggling some at school too.  It’s hard to stand by and see her like this.  She has another ADHD evaluation coming up on December 3.  The doc that is going to evaluate her is a specialist in ADHD in Minneapolis. (CALM clinic) I am actually looking forward to get some insight from him.  I want to know what to do next.  She will come out ok.  So will I.  God will keep us safe.  I know it.



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