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Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours.  Be safe in your travels today and through the weekend.  Much love to you…..

♥Julie and K

I wanted to give you something to think about today and for the next few days or weeks.

Here are some of those numbers that should make us realize how blessed we are:

80% of our brothers and sisters on this planet live in poor living conditions
70% are illiterate
50% are uneducated
1% have computers
1% have higher education

If you have a reasonably healthy body, you are in a better position than the one million persons who are ill and will leave their bodies in the next seven days.

If you are not living in war or in prison or in hunger, then you are much luckier than the 500,000,000 who are living in such conditions.

If you have food, clothing, a home and a bed, then you are in a better position than 75% of the souls incarnated on this planet.

If you have a bank account and money in your pocket, then you are among the lucky top 8% of humanity.

So much of what we have taken for granted, simply is not so for most of the humans on this planet. There are so many souls living without much of what we could not imagine being without.

Gratitude is the acknowledgment of the love that we are receiving from the Universe in the form of loved ones, belongings, comforts and abundance of all forms.

Acknowledging the abundance we already have is the first step towards attracting more. If we are ungrateful for what we have or are unhappy, complaining or bitter, then we are sending out into the universe a negative message, which attracts more negativity; more of what we do not want and less of what we want.

Gratitude is directly related to love and happiness; we experience love when we feel grateful and are grateful when we feel love. The same is true for happiness. We are happier freer beings when we acknowledge how lucky and blessed we are.

For my parents who supported and cared for me until I was able to survive on my own, and then let me free.
For my siblings with whom I have shared and experienced so much.
For my – and all – children who give me such joy with their innocence and wonder.
My life partner with whom we mutually support each other and share in life¢s challenges – and even more so life¢s joy and laughter.
For previous friends and lovers with whom I have shared and learned.
My relatives, friends and acquaintances with whom I have shared friendship.
Coworkers, employers and employees, with whom I have shared the common goals of our work environment.

(I am grateful to all of the above mentioned people with whom I have chosen in this life to have a special relationship, not only for those positive moments, but also for those moments where their behavior has given me the opportunity to see my fears, attachments and weaknesses, and to learn to put myself in the other’s position and to understand, forgive and love.)

For these I am truly thankful and blessed:

For my eyes and the ability to see and get so much pleasure from this beautiful world.
For my ears and the ability to hear so many pleasing sounds.
For my nose and the ability to enjoy smells of all kinds.
For my taste buds that allow me to enjoy delicious tastes.
For my skin that allows me to get pleasure from so many sensations.
For my brain and mind that allow me to receive and enjoy all of the above.
My home, which protects me from the sun, rain, snow and elements.
My bed – where I can rest and rejuvenate.
Clothing that protects my body.
Shoes that protect my feet.
Food that sustains my body and mind.
My stove where I make good food for K and me and others in my life.
My computer, which gives me much enjoyment and is a tool for creativity.
My car that gets me where I need to be.
Running water in my home.
Electricity in my home that allows me all the comforts of all the appliances and machines that serves my needs.
All of nature – the trees, flowers, butterflies, rivers, beaches, forests, mountains, seas and oceans, which give me so much peace and pleasure.
Special places in nature that I especially love.
All animals and other beings on this planet that beautify our lives.
My education which has helped me understand the world more clearly.
My books as sources of knowledge and enjoyment.
The internet – as an invaluable tool of learning and communication.
All the teachers and guides who have lead me to true myself.
Music of all kinds that relax, inspire and uplift me.
Groups of people that I share time with, because through sharing we experience trust, acceptance and love.
For all doctors and psychologists who are dedicated to helping me in my search for health and happiness.
For my telephone so that I can communicate with those I love.
All of the spiritual teachings, truths and wisdom that set me free from my illusions and fears.

For the love I give and receive from my friends and family

For my mind that serves me all day long and enables me to understand and function in this world.

For life after death and my immortality.
For Christ who has enriched and inspired my life with His teachings, but even more so through the examples of those who live through Christ and show me how I want to be.
For women and men who, with their examples, have given me courage to face life’s difficulties
For those who have tested me with their behavior through the years and helped me to know myself, my weaknesses and fears, thus giving me the opportunity to transcend my ego and understand, forgive and love.
For people’s mistakes and weaknesses that have also enabled me to see my own.
For difficult moments in the past and present that have strengthened me and increased my self-knowledge and inner strength and peace.
For all the wonderful moments of love, happiness, laughter and play that have deepened my trust and love for my friends and family.
For those peaceful moments of sharing with loved ones.
For the support, acceptance and forgiveness I have received from others throughout the years.
For all of those who share the same interests with me.
For those who have been born into other religions, races and nationalities, and allow me to discover our innate oneness behind all those superficial differences.
For life and health and daily needs, I give you thanks Lord.

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