Life and Everyday

Welcome to December

hello december


Well, December 1.  It’s a weird weather day here in Minnesota.  it’s 36 but heading to the 40’s.  Weird Weird.  WEather is supposed to be cold and snowy.  Guess we will have to wait a few more days.  The fog has come in tho.  K and I need to run a few errands before getting started today.  New month….gonna get a lot done today.

Here’s my list:

Run to Walgreens to get some stuff.

Vacuum the living room

Put up the Christmas tree

Clean the bathroom and kitchen

Pick up Katey’s room

(Maybe get some stuff put away in my room)

Get a start on laundry

Write a few very important emails

and then, feet up….relax…hot cocoa (maybe with a like “nip” in it???)

I don’t know that I will get it all done today, but sure gonna try.  This apartment needs a good cleaning.

I also need to go through pressies and see what I have and what I have left to get.  I don’t think there is much.  K’s santa present (easy bake oven) and my santa present (play-doh)  lol  I LOVE play doh.

Have a productive day my friends.

Much love

J ♥



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