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Daily Thought- it’s Late but I am thinking too much….

DailyThoughtsMy daily thoughts today:  I have so much I want to accomplish today and this next week.  The annual Olson Christmas is this coming weekend.  I have goodies I want to make.  I tried to make some English Toffee stuff tonight.  I don’t think it will turn out…doesn’t look like the picture from the book.  LOL

I have Crunchy Peanutbutter Balls in the fridge getting cold so that I can form them into balls and dip them in chocolate.  Shouldn’t take too long, I just put it off today.  Also in the fridge, the makings for Cake Pops.  I have been putting this off to as I have never made them before and a little nervous.  K wants to help so bad.  I’d rather just do them myself.  I know she wants to decorate.  So, I am hoping she will do a few and get bored with it  LOL.  I want to also mix up some sugar cookie mix to roll out and let her decorate them too.  We will see what I can get done this week.  Uffda.

I am still getting over this sinus thing.  My antibiotics are working wonders.  I am feeling about 60% better.  I still have a runny nose at times.  I still have a cough at times.  I still feel achy at times.  I want to nap in my “free” time.  No so good for me.

I so need to get to the gym.  Or at least get my butt in gear and so some workout here at home.  Soon I will have my NEW tv…hook up my Wii and do some workout on that.  K will do them with me as she LOVES the Wii.  That is the favorite reason for getting a new TV…a flat screen.  Mom is going to send me money as that is her gift to me.  She is helping me to pay for this.  I am not sure how much I even have left to pay on it.  Thank you WalMart for layway, so I can get it.

It snowed and snowed and snowed today.  I think we got just over a foot of the white stuff.  Here are a few pics from today:


later in the day….more snow

what we woke up to dec92012what we woke up to this morning

wheres katey dec2012

Where’s K?  (Where’s Waldo???)  lol

wheres my car dec2012

last but not least….where the heck is my CAR???

So that is my day in a nutshell.

Good night my friends.

♥♥ Julie


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