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Start off the New Year

I want to start off this new year with a link to Chris Sprad’s blog…..Epic .  Today they have something awesome that I think needs to be shared with every parent out there (and not parents too….every person).  So…. here it is:


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If your house looks like ours then chances are you have a fridge full of leftover holiday goodies, hopefully some of them are wrapped in bacon.

But now that it’s a New Year your going to throw it all away and eat healthy.

You may have wrapping paper lurking in the corners of your living room and no idea where to put the influx of new toys from Christmas.

But it’s a New Year now and it’s the year that you will finally tackle the organizing projects you’ve been pinning!

Maybe you’re yelling at your kids more than you should be or you have some parenting questions that need to be answered.

But it’s okay because you downloaded 4 new parenting books and mommy devotionals to your new Kindle fire so you will be a perfect parent by March, probably sooner.

Ahhh… New Years Day, the one day of the year where perfection seems downright possible.

When we let ourselves get carried away by good, probably even Godly goals and buy new exercise clothes, diet shakes and a few dozen books all in an attempt to have this be “the year.”

I hope that this is your year, the year where it all seems to click for you.  Yet I have to warn you that we tend to dream big and criticize even bigger.  Odds are that next year you’ll find yourself in the same boat until you internalize the reality that life is a journey, there will always be steps to take as long as you’re sucking air.

There is no “there” and there is no “the year.”  There are no people who “have it all together.”  Every person has their issues and every year will bring with it new challenges and painful times.

The best thing that we can possibly do is to try to close the gap between where we are now and where we feel like God’s calling us to be.

Realize that there will not be a year when “you’ve arrived” so all you can do is listen for God’s voice and move in that direction.

This is pretty much the plan until you die or until that weird noise you’re hearing outside the window is actually the rapture and not your toddler sticking chalk in the bubble machine you just bought them.

Have grace, be more the person God created you to be, repeat, this is the best resolution any of us can possibly make.

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