Life and Everyday

Been away awhile

So, been away awhile….sick kid.  Yeah….like going on 11 days now.  Been to the doctor twice, went last Wednesday, official diagnosis is “the crud”.  Glad it’s not that flu that has it’s grip on Minnesota.  Minnesota has this huge swarm of flu that has hit so many people.  There was this 14 year girl from a suburb two over from us that passed away from the flu.  K is just stuffed up, yet a huge snot machine.  Has a cough.  Has had a fever for days.  But yesterday and so far today…she is back to herself.  Onrey and lippy and talkin back…..the usual.

So, now me…..snot nose too.  My ears feel full.  I can’t get sick now.  I NEED to go to work.  I have missed a week already.  Can’t afford another few days.  We are getting new batch of kids entering MRC.  More tutoring….more time with kids.  I can’t wait.  I want to be able to help new kids and be their 20 mins of encouragement and fun and learning.

Most days I can say I handle being a mom pretty well or pretty ok…but while K has been sick…I SUCK.  Normally I don’t yell much.  But lost my cool.  A few too many times.  I hit the counter so hard that I bruised the side of my hand.  I didn’t hurt her at all but I yelled.  I know I hurt her feelings.  I know I did.  I apologized.  and apologized.  I feel like shit.  But I think it’s all better.  She has forgot.  But I  haven’t.  I probably never will.  I hate it.  I hate that about me.  I know I say stupid things when I am mad or tired.  Especially tired.  And also getting ready to get my period.  sometimes timing sucks too.

Enough about that.  snow is coming!!  I am so excited.  but it’s cold…..breezy.  My balcony is letting in cool air.  I locked the door in hopes that would help.  but it’s not.  you can see the blinds waving a bit.  dang it.  But am so waiting for more snow.  I love it when I can watch it fall….so beautiful.

well….off to blow my nose and try to get rid of the sinus headache…….



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