Life and Everyday

It’s Lent…..really?



I feel messed up.  I used to love Lent.  I used to have a church that I loved so much as well.  But I don’t have one that I enjoy going to anymore.  Haven’t found one that makes me feel welcome up here in the cities.  I might try another out soon.  It’s called Crossroads.  They have one in Woodbury and one in Eagan.  They will opening a new one in Cottage Grove this fall.  I just don’t know.  Church has been just one of those things… personal yet lately I feel so set apart from it all.

My life is so outta whack.  It’s been turned upside down and out of sorts.  Katey’s new diagnosis   My lupus and fibro and arthritis crap happening all the time.  Constant pain.  I don’t know what to do anymore.  I feel like God isn’t around much anymore.  I mean I know He is….but yet I am not sure where.

I need to find some peace again.  some contentment again.  I know….I had found it before.  I have felt it before…..gotta find it once again.


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