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my whining post

Today I want to whine.  So gather up your cheese and whine with me.

I am so tired of everything right now.  From being a single mom to working at a school where I feel like a peon most days to just being alone all the time.  Oh I can’t forget the daily struggle with fibro and lupus pain.  And many appointments that make me feel that I am on the road just constantly.  And today is another one of those days.  What a way to start my spring break.

I take K to Mayo Clinic today to see her plastic surgeon for a check up for her hemangemonia, aka blood vessel tumor.  She is about that age where they may consider doing another surgery as it is almost “teen” time and she is still conscious of it.  I don’t know.  We’ll see what he says.  It will be a new doc as her other one retired.  She is all nervous and crap too.  I would rather just stay home and sleep.  Nice mom huh.

Spring break.  What a fun time.  What are we doing.  Nothing.  Well we will probably go to Iowa this weekend and help mom and Tiny unpack from the trip from Texas.  Maybe spend a day or so there.  Then come back and hang out here doing some teacher gopher stuff.  Earn my hours.  Try to get some extra hours somehow someway to get what I need for MRC.  Sucks.  I got my official first warning from Kelly yesterday.  Evidently I am not doing something right.  I need to read and re-read the code of conduct over and over and over and see what I am doing wrong.  I have to administer all my interventions to kids rote (verbatim) as the script says.  The kids will get very bored with that.  I know…some are already.  Sometimes the strictness of the rules of this job suck.  Kids learn different in different ways.  I try to get to know their ways of learning and still go by the ways of the MRC code and help guide them to what I am supposed to do.  Evidently that isn’t right.  Whatever.

K is 9.  Pre-teen has already set in.  The attitude is making it’s mark….BIG TIME.  How the heck do you other mothers deal with an attitude that totally sucks.  “you can’t make me”, “what if i don’t?”, blah blah blah…….I have taken away all electronics.  We are going to make a list of all the other things she can do when electronics are gone for awhile.  Read, draw, paint, playdoh, anything.  She hates that I take her DS, my Kindle, the Wii, my computer and even shut off the TV for more than 3 hours.  I could care less.  The less noise for me the better.  Her only 2 jobs right now are cleaning out the clean dishes from the dishwasher and taking the fancy dust thingy and dusting off the tv and surrounding pictures and other things.  She complains about this too.  How do you deal with that?

I am in therapy.  I meet with Adam tomorrow at noon.  K will be going to they Y 3 days of this Spring break.  of course they are days I have appointments.  Getting a tooth pulled….and therapy days.  wooohoo.

Is your cheese gone yet?  did you grab your real glass of wine.  If it wasn’t so early I would drink up a glass of real whine.

off to Mayo Clinic in an hour.

I hope your day goes well……Happy Thursday…ya’ll…



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