Life and Everyday

My letters on Friday



March 29, 2013  Good Friday

Dear K –   It’s been a long week struggling with you.  I love to the moon and back.  why do we have to fight so?  Your biggest question or statement to me is “what if I don’t?”  I still don’t know how to answer that.  I love you so much.

Dear Mom – Thank you loving me.  And talking with me during the week.  Your wisdom has really helped me so much this week.

Dear Paramount Goodyear – (sarcasm)  Thank you so much for taking more of my money to fix my car.  You know have over $800 to fix my POS.  I really could have used my tax return on something different and more fun.

Dear JFK elem – This has been the longest 4 day week ever.  I love my kiddos that I tutor….but could do without my supervisor who finds fault in most of what i do.

Dear Karen – I am so glad you are my BFF.  You know what is going on and love me anyways.  Today has been a rough day with all the medical stuff.  I am glad that I can tell you and you kinda get it but just listen and know.

Dear Dr. S and Dr. K – thank you for trying to help me to feel better today.  Thank you for taking time to explain things to me and answer my what seems like endless questions.  I appreciate you both.

Dear God – It is Good Friday….Jesus died tonight for us.  It is finished……but life begins again in a few days.  Thank you Lord for loving us that much.


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