Life and Everyday

Friday letters – a day late



Dear K – I love you so much but your behavior this week has driven me absolutely nuts.  We need to work on your listening skills and follow through.  You are amazing with your crafting.  Making bunnies for grandma and grandpa for this weekend.  I love your art work.

To my supervisor – I hope the rest of this term at school goes quickly.  I am sorry that you seem to find something wrong with everything that I am doing with the kids that I tutor.  Yet I am graduating 2 more kids from the reading program…something must be going right.  That is the object of the Minnesota Reading Corps.  I don’t understand.Please get over yourself.

To my mom – I love you forever.  You listen to me when I have nothing but everything to say.

To Adam – just thank you.  Your wisdom inspires me every time I meet with you.  Thank you.

To Dr Hejny – I love you.  You fix my back and make the pain temporarily go away.  I love that for a day or two that I can move without pain.  For this I thank you.


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