Life and Everyday

My late Friday letters (again)

Here are my late Friday letters again….maybe I should call them Saturday letters instead.  Friday was busy this week with doctor appointments and stuff like that, that when I got home, I just crashed.   But anyways….here they are:

K:  So proud of you for having a good week in school and making it through you MCA tests and not having a meltdown.  Way to be a 4th grader!  I love you always and forever!

to my mom:  thanks for calling me almost every night just to check on us.  you mean the world to me.  2 hours away from me seems just too far sometimes.  some days I wish we could just get together and have coffee or soda’s or something

to Brooke;  thanks for canceling dance….the ice really sucked on Thursday

to Kelly;  your eagle eye is killing me… isn’t as fun when I can’t be myself anymore

to Karen, my BFF – congrats on getting your certification back and becoming officially a drug and alcohol counselor in Kansas again….wooohoo and happy dances for you!!

to Dr. Cunningham and Dr. Orvidas – thank you for taking good care of K this week.  You guys are great docs.



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