Life and Everyday

I got the Mondays

Holy cows….woke up by my child running into my room like the house was on fire.  Just to tell me it was 6:22 am.  I think she thought we overslept.  Nope….my alarm was set for 6:30 am.  I just would have liked those extra minutes.  Boy am I selfish or what?  LOL

monday zzzzz


I go to work per usual.  We have another Winter Storm Warning this morning.  It’s APRIL!!!  This is NOT supposed to happen.  It’s spring.  I want flowers and birds and bright sun.  uffda.  lol  Might as well enjoy huh?

I see my Pdoc today after school providing the weather lets me get there.  I need to see him since it’s been more than 3 months.  I want to get off some of these meds.  I am sick of medicine.  If anything I need something to get rid of the physical pain but probably won’t happen since I don’t see the rheumy doc for another couple weeks.

Friday is an early out day…..I need to get my Minnesota Driver’s Licence that day.  My Iowa expires on my birthday next month.  So gotta get it done.  another uffda.

I have more to say this morning but need to save it until later as I am running out of  time this morning.  I will try to write more while at work….Have a good Monday.



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