Life and Everyday

Thursday Random BS

Today I am posting some random BS cuz I am not knowing what to post this early in the morning.  Bear with me.



  • Work is going ok. My supervisor is gone today.  I can be a little more relaxed today but I will still everything I need to cuz I am still on my 30 day probation.  Don’t wanna get my arse kicked now.
  • K is still like toast in the morning.  I just don’t get it.  She just pops outta bed like raring to go.  Me?  Well I am still waking up…sorta.  My brain is half awake.  Got my little Dew next to me.  I wish I liked coffee.  lol
  • Thinking about upcoming appointments with rheumy doc and bariatric doc.  I am nervous as all heck.  I haven’t been there in forever (a year or more….I think I will get my arse chewed on this one too). 
  • K is doing better in school.  They are working on MCA tests.  She has the math ones coming up.  She brought home her practice test and got just about all the answers right.  
  • Nearing the end of the school year…YAY……now to just get in all my volunteer hours.  I am not sure how much I have left.  I need to talk to Rose at the Y and get some hours in there.  I will get them in by the time I need to in July.
  • Looking for a house to rent here in Hastings.  I have 2 leads.  Will call them today.  Praying that they are not over my spending limit for rent.  I just need a bigger place to live.  K has so much more stuff than I do.  I think most of what I own, she now claims as her own.  Go figure.
  • Spring?  Is it actually here in Minnesota?  Will we have sun for another day today?  Let’s home and pray we do.
  • I want some flowers.
  • The end.

Happy Thursday.  Tutoring this AM, then tutoring at school, tutoring after school, then K’s dance.  Long arse day.  UFFDA.


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