Life and Everyday

Weekend Letters

ok….I am pretty lame at getting Friday letters out on Friday so gonna do Weekend letters…here we go

Dear K – rough week huh?  I am sorry your week has been rough and emotional.  I wish and pray that you would trust me enough to talk to me about how your 9 year old feelings are and let your mom help you.  I love you more than you know.

Dear Mom – you are amazing and strong.  I admire that you are there for so many.  A true blessing to me and so many others.

Dear auntie – I pray for you all day.  I am glad the docs got all your cancer this time.  Recover fast so that you can get home again soon.  I hope your lung heals and you are able to get back to doing all that you need and want to do.  I love you.

Dear JFK elementary – I enjoy working with the kiddos.  Please let up on demands so much before the end of the year.  you don’t pay me…the state of MN does.  I am there for the kids….not you.  Please respect me and Krysta.

Dear Kare – thanks for always being there and listening when I need it most.  10 hours away is just too much.  I hate that distance keeps us apart.  but oh so thankful for the internet.

Dear Scott – I am so happy about getting to know you more.  Making some plans for the summer.  I hope you will trust that I won’t be like “all the others” as you put it.  I am me and that’s what I am.  I care so much.

To everyone reading – I hope your weekend has been great.  Spring has finally hit Minnesota.  Temps in the near 70’s here.  Totally beautiful.  The sun, the birds, the warmth.  I am ready to go for walks and just sit on my balcony in the mornings and do my writing and reading.  ahhhhhh….living the dream……lol


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