Life and Everyday

Holy Crud!!!

Mannnnnnnnnn!!  Talk about busy…..I have been meaning to get here and write my little ol heart out.  We have had snow and more snow and NO SPRING here in Minnesota.  But today…..we are in the 60’s.  Woooohoooo….MN heat wave.  Gonna be in the 70’s by mid-week or so “they” say…..we’ll see.  I bought some more pots and some potting soil today…so I hope I didn’t jinx it.  🙂

Well, just a short recap….K had 3 dance rehearsals this past week and then recital yesterday.  Whew.  She did an amazing job.  But am so glad that dance has come to an end for this school year.  Well, she has dance next Thursday, but it’s a fun free for all….for the kids….not parents  LOL

Tomorrow she has her first choir concert.  So been trying to find some shoes that she can wear for that.  Dang.

Mom was here this weekend.  She is so awesome.  I love love love my mom.  We had a relaxing weekend even with recital in there.

Been working my tail feathers off for work.  School is about done….23 1/2 days left of school.  We have spring benchmarking this next week…on Tuesday and Thursday.  So I hope even though I will be testing kids all day…it will be a little more relaxed for me.  Test and enter data on the computer.  Not to taxing.

I need to get more volunteer hours in for MRC before July 13.  So I just applied for a volunteer position at MN Teen Challenge in Minneapolis.  What a process that takes.  I have to print it off and then send my old pastor a sheet to fill out since I haven’t known the pastor here very long or rather he doesn’t know me from adam.  Such a big church.  So, I will send it to Lance and have my hometown pastor fill it out.  Maybe he can call my mom for some answers  LOL

oh the joys of being so busy that you meet yourself coming and going….uffda to the max.

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