Life and Everyday

What a week!!

It’s been a long week.  I have finally gotten some time to get here and write a bit about it.  Beyond Imagination is done.  That was quite the ordeal.  Kennedy Elementary put on a wonderful art and poetry night.  Lots and lots and lots of parents and students came.  I worked the photo booth.  I have some awesome pics.  I will share.  I love my sitter, P.  She was so kind to take K around to the various rooms to do all the fun stuff.  K even read in the poetry jam.  I will share her poem at the end too.  She wrote it.  Kinda silly but all her.

School gets out June 7.  about 4 weeks away still.  I have to get in all my hours and then some.  I have made arrangements to get more hours in ASAP after school lets out.  I will get them all in before July 13, I am that determined.  I will throw myself into getting it all in.

Going to make crockpot ranch chicken today for lunch….I hope maybe Katey will eat it.  who knows.  she hasn’t been eating much.  Her ped doc is concerned because her check up…she had lost some weight.  not a considerable amount.  but the ADD medicine has that side effect.  so I also asked the school nurse to weigh her once a week for me.  she will help me keep track.

ok and now for pics from poetry jam and pics of the school for the big event:

Beyond Imagination007some teachers

014K’s friend Dakota

042poetry jam

047A kindergartner I worked with…awesome!

061K and Paige…hammin it up!

089My teacher friend, Carla and her hubby and new baby.







last but not least….

K’s poem


Technology is inside the computer.

Internet is to…my mom its a tutor!

Facebook, angry birds, paplinko, and movies are all on the internet.

I need a pet.

I love the computer.

there you have it….our week.  getting ready…now it’s done.  we can finally relax…sorta.  now to get ready for all the field trips and etc for the end of the school year.  I have to keep up my tutoring schedule…it’s all good.

Happy week ahead to all of you!


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