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Beyond Imagination

I had one more “Great Story” to write for Minnesota Reading Corps before the end of the school year.  So I decided I am going to share it here on my blog.

Beyond Imagination

We recently held a huge literacy and art event called Beyond Imagination.  It showcased poetry and artwork created by students.  For my last great story, I wanted to write a poem that will also include some of the words of wisdom from some of the students I worked with this year.

We are a new school district to Minnesota Reading Corps

Not sure what to expect, but trained very well.

Through trial and error, we got it figured out

With many questions to Nick and Sarah, we had no doubt.

So as the new year began,

We benchmarked many students.

We made our list

Our schedules were started.

Interventions, progress monitoring

Much progress and praise

High hopes and high fives and stickers, kids craved.

The smiles started coming

Words began to click.

Letter names, letter sounds started to stick

“The best part is I can spell out words”

“I like letters, I love to learn”

Onto nonsense words and blending words,

Duet reading and Great Leaps

Huge strides were made by many when we all believe

Continue to encourage…..

To say, “You did great!”

They loved my new words: fantabulous and awesomesauce

Because praise words never get lost!

“Reading is fun”

“I learn harder words and that makes me happy”

“I love to read.  I feel way smart”

“When I read a book, I can imagine the characters in the book”

As you can see reading tutors can give students that hook

We give them our best

Long day and much of your enthusiasm

But it’s all worth it

To see their excitement and imagination

As this school year comes to a close

I love these kids I have come to know well

I wish them the best on their journey of reading

Of growing and learning and much succeeding.

(if you are interesting in becoming a part of Minnesota Reading Corps, they are hiring for the next school year.  Here is the link:    you will also be able to find  AmeriCorps at this link:

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