Life and Everyday

Storms and stuff

we had big storms last night.  k came and slept with me…well didn’t sleep much, she just talked and talked.  then the sirens went off here in town.  so we went to our safety spot in the apartment….in the kitchen.  put down comforters and then laid on the floor for a bit.  she stayed on the floor and slept.  my back couldn’t handle it so i moved to the couch and sat in the recliner part and slept.  woke up to her crying….she was standing up.  she was telling me she didn’t feel good then all of a sudden she fainted.  i looked at her and she was soooo white.  she didn’t lose consciousness, she talked to me.  she got up to fast and also is or has been really dehydrated from all the swimming.  I have been pushing her to drink water all week but she hasn’t been keeping up with it.  i called her doctor and left a message right away.  she drank almost a whole 32 oz bottle of water.  I keep encouraging her to drink.    i told her that is her job today and everyday this summer.  she is feeling better.  she has color back in her cheeks and lips.  she scared the liver outta me.
the skies are have been overcast and yucky looking. tonight we had another round of storms…the sirens went off again.  luckily it was before bedtime.  but there is another round coming too.  I hope she is asleep and doesn’t hear round 2.
in the midst of all this, i forgot that i had fallen also way early this morning when the sirens went off at 2 am.  the boards for k’s new bed are still sitting on the floor in the living room.  i thought i put them out of the way enough.  well there is no light in the hallway to the kitchen, turned to fast and fell over the boards.  i think i may have re-injured my right shoulder or collar bone.  i had cracked it once before, so am wondering if i did that again.  i couldn’t wear my bra today.  it hurt too much.  my shoulder blade is sticking out and have felt it against the back of the couch all day.  i know i probably should have gone in, but i have been more worried about K than myself until tonight.  ugh.
tomorrow i will call the clinic and see about getting in.
what a freakin long day…..leading to another long night???
keep us in your prayers.
pic of the oncoming storm earlier (about 8pm CST) in Hastings MN
hastings 6.21.13 830pm

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