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Finally A Vacation is PLANNED!!

Finally….finally ….finally I am able to actually get a little mini vacation planned for Katey and me.  We are headed up NORTH to Big Bog State Park near Waskish, MN.  I have reserved a cabin for us for a couple nights.  We are going at the end of July.  I can not wait.

That weekend they are having Musical Saw Serenade.  I think it will be amazing fun and full of smiles.  Here is what the website says about it the Rec Area.  I will post a link so that you can browse yourself and see the fun stuff we can do while there:

Big Bog State Recreation Area has been called Minnesota’s last true wilderness. This two-part recreation area includes a northern unit and a southern unit. The 500-square-mile peat bog, the largest in the lower 48 states, is located in the northern unit. A mile-long boardwalk, completed in 2005, enables visitors to get a first-hand look at the unique plant and animal life of this rare resource. The bog, which has long been a source of medicinal plants for the Ojibwe Indians, represented a barrier to European settlers who tried in vain to drain it. Today, many of the native plants, including yellow-eyed grass, bog rush and two kinds of sundews, are on Minnesota’s endangered or threatened species list. From orchids to carnivorous plants to rare birds, visitors will see a mixture of fascinating and rare resources.

The southern unit includes a campground with 31 campsites (26 electric sites) winterized camper cabins, a sandy beach, picnic grounds, and great fishing.

Big Bog State Recreation Area

I am sooo looking forward to relaxing in the sun on the beach and campfires and trails and water and ahhhhhhhh……umbrella drinks and s’mores.

Hope you are having a super summer!!

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