Life and Everyday

Outside My Comfort Zone



I did it!  Totally out of my comfort zone this morning.  Put on some yoga capri’s and t-shirt, grabbed K and headed to the Y.  Left her off with the YKids.  I headed up to the gym.  Totally not prepared to workout because I haven’t been in a “gym” in ages.  I don’t like working out in front of people.  I don’t like people watching me.  I don’t like feeling like people are “judging” me.  These are the things running through my head.

Pop in the headphones….tune out the messages in my mind of bad mouthing myself and the lies I keep feeding myself – the music is loud enough to drown them out.  I listen to praise and worship.  I little country, a little rock, a little 90’s, a little 80’s, etc….a little of everything.    I rode a recumbent bike for about 25 bike for about 25 minutes until the gal I was having a consult with got in.  Then I talked the personal trainer who got me acquainted with every machine up there.  Then after that, I decided to go another 45 minutes on an elliptical machine.  I worked on muscle strengthening.  OH MY!  talk about the “BURN”  I totally felt it today!  but it felt good.

soooo, with that being said.  I am ok.  so far…

have to make some phone calls today.  then get K from YKids at 3:30 -4 pm.  Then want to head back to the Y to do water aerobics at 6 pm.  I sure wish I had a bike here at home.  Going to bring back K’s bike from grammy’s this next weekend.  We are gonna ride the trails here.



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