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Officially Unemployed now



I am officially unemployed as of tonight.  I have finished my work with Minnesota Reading Corps.  I have finished my 1720 hours of service to AmeriCorps and the State of Minnesota.  I wish I could say that I am very happy about all the work I have done and all the people I have touched and kids I have served.  I love the children very much that worked with this past school year.  I have enjoyed volunteering in the community.  However, I have not enjoyed one bit of the supervision of the woman at the school where I was placed.  I was just rejoining the work force and she treated me like dirt.  She made it very hard for a “disabled” person to feel functional and smart enough to be able to do the work I know I can and did do.  I know I am intelligent and capable to doing what was expected of me..  She just cut me down in every way that she possibly could.  She should not be in the supervisory position for people who are working for peanuts in a service oriented position.  I understand that Minnesota reading corps is a professional service working with children, but we need to be able to relate to children and be professional as well.

So my hours are done.  I achieved what I intended.  I have my award money to pay for some college classes to finish my degree.  But I need a little extra income.  I will miss the extra $800 that was coming in each month.  Not sure how I will make ends meet after this income stops.  I don’t know.

I have applied for jobs.  I have had 2 turn downs already.  I have 4 more out there and waiting to hear.  I need to follow up on them in the beginning of next week.  I will keep scanning jobs.  I wrote a friend of mine to wee if she and her hubby have found child care for their little girl for next school year yet.  I offered to watch her.  I don’t need to be payed a lot.  Just enough to have some income.

anyways,  life is constantly changing.  it’s almost time for the new school year.  a month away.  K is getting ready.  she still wants to swim every chance she can get.

i have started new medications.  the pain clinic did a total work up on my hormones.  they are all messed up.  so took me off some and put me on others.  i hate adjustment time.

will post more later.



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