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Another thing to think about

In a previous post, I reposted about you are not your mind.  Well here is number 2.

2. Life unfolds only in moments.

Of course! I once called this the most important thing I ever learned. Nobody has ever experienced anything that wasn’t part of a single moment unfolding. That means life’s only challenge is dealing with the single moment you are having right now. Before I recognized this, I was constantly trying to solve my entire life — battling problems that weren’t actually happening. Anyone can summon the resolve to deal with a single, present moment, as long as they are truly aware that it’s their only point of contact with life, and therefore there is nothing else one can do that can possibly be useful. Nobody can deal with the past or future, because, both only exist as thoughts, in the present. But we can kill ourselves trying.


Today I am living in the moment.  Heading to Iowa for a family reunion (not excited) and then to my 25th high school reunion.   I have not been to a single high school reunion since leaving high school.  I am not sure why I agreed to go now.  I need to talk myself into not feeling self conscious about what I look like (an old high school thought) and what people think of me (another old high school thought).  I don’t really have an explanation for what I have done with the last 25 years of my life other than live it.  I don’t have my dream job nor perfect house and family.  It’s just me  and K.  We live.  We laugh.  We love.  We mess up.  We clean up.  We live.  That’s it.  That will have to do.

So for now….have a great weekend.  See you when I get back.  Maybe I will have some pics.???


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