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Post Labor Day post :)

Well, my Labor Day weekend was AMAZING!!  Let me post a few pictures…then I will try to put into words a bit of how I felt about it.



Riverside All Staff Reunion 70th Anniversary of the Camp


The Chapel


at night before the mime

the next few will be friends from the time when I was a counselor there…1986-87 (we all grewed up)

1010231_10151886491374238_1115055156_n 1170958_10151808753602357_621041024_n 1176398_10151808755367357_1006352776_n 1185780_10151808754952357_92014263_n 1234204_10151808754802357_467412572_n 1234620_10151808755302357_1091705759_n 20130831_195726besties

This last picture I will post is of Jan and Dave McDermott…..the current Executive Directors of Riverside Lutheran Bible Camp.  They, along with many many other folks have brought this camp back to life and given many many kids the seeds of faith that are planted year after year.  70 years strong.  We planted seeds of faith for many years in many children.  Many have come back to be counselors themselves.  Some have kids that are now campers.


I have been trying to figure out how to put into words how this weekend stirred in my heart. I have spent time with some of the most wonderful and influential people in my life. These folks had such an impact on me when I was young and trying to figure out who and what God was/is in my life. 25 years later, we meet up again and the feelings still remain. They showed me love and grace and peace that only God can give. They gave me that restoration I needed. God was truly there at Riverside this weekend. I could feel it. I know everyone there could as well. Riverside is a place where the seeds of faith is planted in one way or another. I would not trade these many memories for anything. I would not trade these friends/family for anything either. I love them all. God is and has been sooooo good to me. Thanks for an awesome weekend Riverside Lutheran Bible Camp. Much love to Jan and Dave McDermott.


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